Terms and Conditions for Sellers

Last updated: February 2019

Welcome to TenX!

Thanks for using the TenX services (including its website, and mobile and web-based applications, and any other tools, products, or services provided by Gigus Technologies, Inc. that link to or reference these Terms) (collectively, the “Services”). The Services are provided by Gigus Technologies, Inc. (“Gigus”, “we,” “our,” or “us”), located at:
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By submitting your domains names for sale on the TenX marketplace, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions for Sellers in addition to our complete Terms of Service that can be found at tenx.domains/terms-of-service.

Sold domain names

If your domain name is sold, you must complete the transaction with the buyer. Sellers who refuse to complete a transaction will have their account permanently removed from the marketplace.

Once you have completely transferred ownership of the domain for a sale, you will be paid according to TenX’s commission structure, as defined at the time of sale.


By submitting your name to TenX, you agree that TenX is the exclusive seller of your domain for as long as it is listed on our website inless otherwise agreed upfront. Completing a sale of a TenX domain outside of the TenX marketplace is strictly prohibited.

If you decide to remove one of your domain names from our marketplace, that domain will remain listed on TenX for a further 30 days, during which time all terms and obligations continue to apply.

Sellers completing a sale outside of the TenX marketplace are required to pay the cost of TenX’s commission, as defined at the time of sale.

Contact details

You agree to keep your email address and mobile number up-to-date, so that you can be contacted in the event of an offer or sale. You can update these details yourself, inside the Settings area of your account.

If your email address becomes unavailable, or we do not receive a timely response to an offer for sale, we reserve the right to disable your account and remove your domains from our marketplace.

Ownership and trademarks

When you list a domain for sale on TenX you must be the legal owner of that domain name. Before listing a domain name for sale, you are responsible to conduct the necessary research to ensure that the domain you are selling does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of a third party.

If a domain is found to potentially conflict with an existing trademark, that domain name may be removed from our marketplace until legal clarification has been made. TenX reserves the right to remove domains from our database which may infringe or violate the proprietary rights of any third party.


TenX reserves the right to publicize a list of any domain name sales that we complete, for example on our website or on our newsletter unless otherwise agreed upfront. We do not disclose the new owners or the price of individual past sales without asking for permission first. However we reserve the right to publicize aggregated statistics of our sales, such as the average sale price, or total value of any sales period.

Violation of our rules

If a seller fails to follow any of the above rules, you may report them to support@tenx.domains. TenX may issue a formal warning, a temporary suspension of the seller’s account, or cancel their account. It is the buyer’s right to seek judicial enforcement of your sales agreement. When filing a complaint against a seller include any documentation of the seller’s violation of the rules with the message text and your email address.

Parked domains

You understand and acknowledge that, in some cases, you may be unable to transfer a Parked Domain to another registrar for up to sixty (60) days after you purchase the domain. This restriction helps us avoid domain theft.

If the change of ownership in the Parked Domain is not completed for any reason, including but not limited to, due to either party’s fraudulent activity, you acknowledge and agree that we have no liability or responsibility regarding the same. In all cases, we do not make any representations or warranties regarding the change of ownership of the Parked Domain, and we expressly disclaim all liability or responsibility regarding the same.

The Services also enable you to link to Escrow.com, which you can use to sell your Parked Domain. All sales of Parked Domains are subject to Escrow.com’s Terms of Use, and we expressly disclaim all liability or responsibility regarding the sale of a Parked Domain through Escrow.com. You can read Escrow.com’s Terms of Use by visiting https://www.escrow.com/escrow-101/terms-of-use.


The registrant identification for your Parked Domain is set as “tenx.domains privacy”. While the registration identification is set as “park.io privacy” you authorize us to consent to material changes of registration contact information on your behalf and act as your Designated Agent as set forth in ICANN’s Change of Registrant Policy. If you set the registration identification as “tenx.domains privacy” then you authorize us to consent to material changes of registration contact information on your behalf and act as your Designated Agent as set forth in ICANN’s Change of Registrant Policy. You can update your own contact information for us to reach you at, any time by visiting your account orders page.

Mobile messaging

Some of our Services are available on mobile devices or may utilize SMS/iMessage, which may cause you to incur SMS or data charges with your wireless provider. Please be aware that we have no control over these charges, and if you do not wish to be charged, you should stop using the mobile or SMS/iMessage features (as applicable).

Updates to these terms

We may update these terms in future, particularly as technology changes and new features are added. You can always check this page for the latest version. We will also inform sellers of changes to our terms by email and inside the Messages area of your account.

Review our complete terms of service

For complete terms of service as it relates to all users of TenX services please visit tenx.domains/terms-of-service.