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Domain Customers

Why should creators choose TenX over other options?

  • Brand Power. A TenX premium domain gives an instant and lasting 10X advantage to a new brand.
  • Save Money. Avoid huge upfront costs and allocate precious funds to more critical areas.
  • Exclusive Perpetual Use. Secure license to use your dream domain for as long as you wish.
  • Risk Free.  Cancel anytime without notice. No penalties. No questions asked.

What is a premium domain?

A premium domain is a high-quality, already registered domain name, which typically ends with the “.com” extension, although .co, .io, .ai, .app and country specific TLDs are newer generation premium domain types. It is often a popular term, memorable and attracts natural type-in traffic.

Premium domains can form authoritative brands in their niche, or vertical. Since they have the most marketing potential, many have high valuations into the millions and as a result, reflected in monthly subscription rates.

What do I get when I buy a domain package?

When you buy, we guarantee that full ownership of the domain name will be transferred to you for the fixed price that you pay on completion of the monthly subscription term. If this is not possible for any reason, you will be fully refunded. You can also use the domain immediately and can cancel at anytime if you decide not to complete the full term and purchase the domain outright.

Your purchase includes:


We assign a dedicated professional to work with you and manage the transfer process, securely via escrow. After final payment has cleared, you will receive complete ownership of the domain name. After first payment is cleared you will receive set up instructions to begin using the domain with your desired hosting provider.


You also receive the logo for the domain. The logo is provided as a series of digital files, including PNG and either EPS or Adobe Illustrator files. Assets are provided in RGB, not CMYK.

Once the purchase (final payment) is complete, complete ownership of the logo copyright is transferred to you.

Trademark Service

When considering any domain TenX will consult with you and can immediately provide you with a USA Trademark search report outlining associated marks on record. For some domains we provide more comprehensive USA trademark registration services including trademark strategy and application support. If specified on the page listing the domain, this additional service are included with your purchase.

It is important to note that many countries don’t allow you to own a trademark for something you aren’t actually using yet; and nearly all countries require that a trademark is specified for a specific industry or sector. A blanket global trademark to cover absolutely anything does not exist.


Some domains may be bundled with additional domains, social accounts, or additional design assets. If specified on the page listing the domain, they are included with your purchase.

What payment options do you accept?

Our online checkout accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

For outright domain purchases we can also accept bank wire transfers.

How long does it take to set up or transfer a domain?

It depends on where the domain is currently held, and where you want to set it up or transfer it to. Typically once you have paid, it will take 1 to 5 days. For monthly subscriptions the domain remains with original registrar or in escrow but we will redirect it to your hosting and email services so you can normally begin to use it within a couple of hours.

The fastest way to transfer or redirect is to use the same domain registrar as the current owner. If you choose to set up or transfer to a different registrar from where the domain is currently held, you will need to wait an additional 5 days to cover ICANN’s mandated waiting period.

How can I change the name servers for my new domain?

It’s easy. Submit your desired name servers either when you apply for your domain package or in your TenX account. Changes will be made promptly, but please keep in mind some registrars can take an additional 48-72 hours to update.

Can I loose the domain while I have a subscription package for it?

Once you subscribe to a package with us, you will have perpetual rights to use the domain as long as you continue to pay on time and your use of the domain name does not infringe on another trademark or is legally contested and lost to another trademark owner. After a period of time with your package (usually 24 months) your domain will between  transferred to your own ownership.

How is my purchase kept secure?

Your payments are held securely in escrow until the domain name you have purchased is transferred to you or you cancel your monthly subscription. If for any reason the domain name could not be transferred on the completion of your term, your funds are guaranteed to be returned to you.

TenX uses SSL encryption to protect all of your personal and payment information.

Do domains include trademark registrations?

Not upfront, this is not possible given how trademarks work.

The names shown on XBrand can be used by any industry in any geographical location offering all sorts of services. Since a trademark protects a name that belongs to a specific industry in a specific location we cannot take care of this for you as we don’t know what industry your name will belong to.

Before you purchase a domain name, we provide a complimentary USA trademark search report but also advise you undertake your own research on how protectable the name is, for your location and intended purpose.

For some domains on our marketplace we do provide more comprehensive USA trademark registration services including trademark strategy and application support for buyers. If specified on the page listing the domain, this additional service are included with your purchase.

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

Yes. It’s free to cancel your package at any time for any reason. Based on your preference your cancellation can take effect either immediately or at the end of your current month's subscription period after your notice to us, however we do not reimburse for time remaining during the month that you canceled.

What is your return policy?

XBrand is a marketplace for domain names owned by other people. We act as an escrow agent between the buyer and seller. Once an order for a domain has been placed, TenX does not offer refunds or exchanges unless the domain seller fails to start their domain name transfer within 5 business days from the time the purchase was made.

Can I negotiate prices?

If you opt for the monthly service than the price is strictly non-negotiable.

We provide the option to submit an offer to outright buy for most of our domain names – although some domains are strictly non-negotiable based in the owners instructions.

If your offer is high enough, we will present it for consideration by the owner. It generally takes less than a day for us to respond to your offer.

Many of our domains are in high demand and receive many offers. Generally if a name is popular our sellers will be unwilling to consider a significant discount.

What currency do you use for purchases?

All transactions regardless of your local region are processed and displayed in USD (US Dollar).

What happens if I make a late payment on the month to month service?

We allow for late payments to be completed without penalty within 5 business days of schedule due date however after this time if we are not able to receive the payment we need to cancel the terms based on your user agreement and return the domain to the owner. The owner at their own discretion may consider extending the window for payment if you reach out through us to request an special extension however we do not advise you count on this and make sure to create a backup payment option to ensure your domain is protected and secure for the entire term until you are able to purchase it outright or wish to cancel the user agreement.

Domain Selling Partners

What names can I sell?

We're looking for domain names that make good names for businesses or products. We only accept dot-coms and top class TLDs with 12 or fewer letters before the dot.

Can I list my domain name elsewhere?

Yes and No. For all premium domains (our most popular selection we need to make sure that if someone buys your domain name, they will receive it immediately. To ensure this, you must redirect your domain to the appropriate name page on For certain pro and ultra teir domains we do allow for you to promote on our platform and elsewhere however you must agree to notify the same day a sale occurs so we can immediately update our records.

What TLDs do you accept?

We may currently accept .com .io .org .ai .co domains. The majority of our customers still want dot-com domains however these other TLDs have proven to be extremely popular for both technology startups and very modern brands.

How can I submit my domain names for listing?

Simply contact us by booking a call here to submit and review the domain names you’d like us look into.

How does listing work?

  • Book a call to submit and review your names
  • The team will complete final review internally and you'll be notified by email if your names are approved or rejected within 1 business day.
  • If approved we'll suggest a price within our tier structure which you can request to change
  • You pay nothing to list each approved name
  • For premium domains we update your domain name to point to
  • We design your logo and prepare your listing
  • We publish your listing within 3 business days of approval
  • When your name is sold, or if you receive serious inquiries, we contact you via email
  • You get paid as per your agreement and can log in to review your names on our seller's dashboard

Who sets the price?

You are able to approve the list price, but it must be at least a $4,000 USD value domain to be considered. Once the domain name you submit to us gets approved, we price it for you, however, you can approve or reject the pricing and also suggest a new price once a listing is approved, but not after your domain has been listed or sold.

How do I get paid?

You can choose to be paid via PayPal or bank wire transfer.

Can customers negotiate prices?

You can configure how negotiation works for each of your domains. Based on your preference we can allow customers to make an inquiry about a domain, which we forward to you. You can ask us to negotiate on your behalf, and choose to accept a lower price package if your wish.

What if I want to stop using TenX?

You are free to remove your domains from TenX at any time. You should also know that once you remove your domains, any logos or visuals that we created will be lost.

You must also agree to complete any sales which have already been paid for prior to us being notified of your cancellation.

Do I need to point my domain name to TenX’s servers?

Yes. There are two reasons why we need you to do this:

  1. We verify the domains you want to list on our marketplace are the domains you own.
  2. If anyone visits your domain, they will be shown that domain on TenX’s marketplace.

What happens after I point my domain name to TenX’s servers?

We check whether the domain names were pointed to us properly. If so, we prepare a logo, descriptions and list your domain names to our marketplace. You'll be notified about this via a separate email.

How do I ask you a question?

You can contact us through our chat on the site or email a request for our support team here.

What are the payment terms?

Three options are available to sellers on the TenX platform, where a buyer opts to use the monthly payment term:

A) You can choose to transfer the domain to TenXs escrow service for free on initial purchase to begin collecting monthly payments immediately.

B) You can choose to transfer the domain to and have them manage the domain to begin collecting monthly payments immediately.

C) You can chose to keep the domain in your own care and redirect it for the clients monthly use and TenX will hold all payments in escrow which you can collect in one sum once the final payment is completed buy the buyer or the buyer cancels the service at which point your domains full purchase amount will be dispersed immediately.

Two options are available to sellers on the TenX platform where the buyer opts to purchase the domain 100% outright:

A) You can choose to transfer the domain to TenXs escrow service and collect the payment immediately on its receipt after which time we will transfer the domain to the customer.

B) You can choose to transfer the domain to and have them manage the domain transfer and payment collection sending the payment to you and transferring the domain to the buyer.

How do I point my domain name to TenX?

Once your submitted domain name is approved, you’ll be asked to verify your ownership of the domain by pointing your domain name to TenX's servers.

There are two ways you can point your domain names to us. We recommend you try them in this order:

1. Domain forwarding

Pros: Usually instantaneous, and simpler
Cons: Not always supported by registrars, or they may try to charge you

Most domain registrars offer a “Domain forwarding” or “Web Forwarding” option. To successfully forward your domain name to us, simply enter this URL in the field provided by your registrar:[your domain name without .com]

For instance, if you own ‘’ you’d need to forward your domain name to:

Once you’ve done this, if you visit your domain name, you should see an TenX page.

If you give TenX up to 24 hours, it will detect your domain is pointed automatically. If you prefer, you can tell TenX to check right away, by contacting us at

2. DNS records

Pros: Almost always free
Cons: Can take 24-48 hours to take effect, may be a bit more difficult

You can also point a domain to TenX by changing your domain’s DNS records. To do this, you’ll need to edit the nameservers for your domain in your registrar’s control panel. Set the first and second nameservers to:


Leave any other nameservers blank.

If you’re given the option, you want to be pointing the bare domain to TenX, not the sub-domain “www”. A common mistake is to point (say) to us, but what TenX is looking for is actually just

Once you’ve done this, depending on a bit of luck, it can take 24 – 48 hours for the whole Internet to be able to see it. This is down to the way DNS works, and there’s nothing TenX or you can do to make it faster.

TenX will automatically check if your domain is pointed to us, once every 24 hours. If you prefer, you can ask TenX to check right away, by contacting us at But because of the nature of DNS, you might have to wait 24-48 hours for TenX to be able to see the change.

Deciding your price negotiation intructions

TenX allows sellers to choose how they want to handle negotiation of their domain names when an upfront purchase is made. In other words: what happens if someone makes an offer for less than your total asking price?

By selecting your preferences upfront per fomain you can help us negotiate on your behalf more efficiently. Or if you prefer, you can refuse to accept anything less than a fixed price. By default we do not permit price negotiations of prices for the month to month agreement terms.

For each domain, there are two options that you will be asked to consider based on the agreement form you will fill out at setup. You can request to update your preference on request at anytime by contacting us at or contacting us through your TenX seller portal:

1. “Reject offers below list price”

Anyone making an offer below the list price is instantly told that the price is not available for negotiation.

If you don’t want to negotiate on price at all, set this option.

2. “Accept offers at this price or higher”

If anyone offers this much or more, we will accept their offer and request full payment upfront.

This option helps us streamline negotiation.

We’ve found that the faster we’re able to get back to a buyer, the more likely they are to buy. In some cases, the buyer, the seller, and TenX are all in very different timezones, and delays in negotiation are impossible to avoid. By giving us this information up-front, we’re able to negotiate faster, and this makes sales more likely.

E.g. if your domain has a list price of $8,000, and you set “Accept offers at this price or higher” to $7,000, buyers be able to offer an amount between $7,000 and $8,000 to buy the domain upfront. In our experience, setting this option to 75%-80% of your list price is a good default. Be default we do not allow domains to be sold for less than 65% of the list price as we believe this deteriorates the integrity of the marketplace and value of all domains within it.

You don’t need to specify a price if you don’t want to. If you leave this option blank, we default to reject all offers below list price.

You can also opt to be notified when offers are made that failed to meet your request but where over 65% of your list price. By default we don't entertain offers below this threshold.

Premium level domains can not be sold for less than the base standard price of $4000 unless there is a jointly approved promotion to do so.

Frequently asked questions

  • “What option do you recommend?”
    We suggest you choose the 'Accept offers at this price or higher' option at between 75-80% of your list price. Set the “accept” price to whatever you’d be happy to sell for.
  • “What if someone offers more than the rejection price, but less than the accept price?”
    We will negotiate with the buyer, and try to get them to meet the accept price (or better).
  • “How will I know what offers I am receiving for my domains?”
    Right now we email you manually when a deal is completed and can also optionally send you when an offer is made that is below the accept price. We don’t tell you about very low offers under 50% of list, or people who we can’t confirm are real.
  • “How does this affect commission?”
    When a domain is sold, the percentage of commission payable remains the same, i.e. you are always paid 70%. To give an example: if you set the accept price for a domain to $6,000, and it is sold for that price, you would be paid 70% of $6,000, which is $4,200.
  • What currency type is used for payments and pricing?
    All transactions regardless of your local region are processed and displayed in USD (US Dollar).

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