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TenX helps your new project or company get the name it deserves. We handpick top tier premium domains, making them immediately affordable and usable through a monthly subscription towards outright purchase.

Our Story

Naming and finding available domains totally sucks and shouldn’t. TenX was built to erase the needless friction and deliver only the best internet real estate available.

TenX is the answer for 10X creators who desire a 10X improvement over other options to match their ambitions to build a 10X brand.

As a serial entrepreneur and maker, Emery Bishop (creator of TenX and founder of Gigus) was finding it progressively more difficult and expensive to purchase quality domain names for his own companies and projects.

If you’re here you can probably relate to these two common options. Either a) settle for an affordable and uber weird 'made-up' name salad with the hope of rebranding later or b) spend huge money upfront for a better premium domain after painfully sifting through tons of unavailable options before even landing on an expensive high risk option. Neither option is acceptable.

This frustration led to building TenX, a curated premium domain-as-a-service marketplace focused obsessively on creating trust, value and convenience for both domain buyers and sellers.

Creators can now get an ideal domain name with branding and trademark support on a monthly subscription. At the same time premium domain sellers would have a new option to generate great returns on domains that would otherwise remain unsold.

All domains can be used immediately and purchased outright over time or else returned risk free if  ever a project fails.

What Our Clients Say

“I'm very satisfied with the professionalism and experience that I've received. I’d recommend TenX to anyone looking for a top quality domain name.”

Greg MelansonCEO & Founder, Storylance, Inc. storylance.com

“Awesome service! Highly recommended for anyone shopping for a good name for their project. Thanks guys, you have a very happy customer. ”

Isla EdenPresident, Toft, LLC. toft.co

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What we do

TenX is a place where you can find a registered domain name that compliments your business. Each domain comes with a matching logo and trademark work. Domains are offered as a monthly subscription using simple transparent pricing making it easier than ever before to get your perfect name.

Company Information

TenX is a premium domain marketplace owned and operated by Gigus Technologies, Inc. Gigus helps high growth startups to fortune 500 companies work with with top global freelancers to build technology products better and faster. Gigus is a privately held c-corporation headquartered in Newark, Delaware, USA.

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